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“The world is so empty if one thinks only of mountains, rivers and cities;
but to know someone who thinks and feels with us, and who, though distant,
is close to us in spirit, this makes the earth for us an inhabited garden.”
– Goethe

Telecounseling, a form of telehealth services, is a fairly recent innovation. Telecounseling enables me to provide professional counseling services with clients via live video conferencing. Many clients find it to be as easy as FaceTime or Skype; and they discover that our therapeutic conversations via telehealth can be just to be as effective face-to-face sessions, with the ease of using a smart phone, tablet or computer capable of video chat.

With the mitigation measures in response to COVID-19, the demand for telecounseling appointments has dramatically increased.  Clients also find that they like the convenience of meeting from one’s home.  clients today than ever before are experiencing the benefits of quality therapy provided with the convenience of not needing to leave one’s home.  Prior to the pandemic, I utilized telecounseling for those too far to regularly travel to one of my office locations or wanting the convenience of accessing therapy despite inclement weather, while healing from a surgery or recovering from illness, or while young children napping at home.

I have completed extensive trainings on the ethical applications of telecounseling and utilize HIPAA-compliant software through Simple Practice Telehealth.

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