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Draft for Endorsements

Draft for Endorsements

Jennifer Sanger

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

It is my pleasure to recommend Jennifer Schmidt as an effective and experienced mental health clinician. I was privileged to work with Jennifer for eight years during our time at the Benedictine College Counseling Center in Atchison, Kansas. While there, she had several important roles. She worked as a therapist, the Assistant Director of the Counseling Center, a therapy group facilitator, and the creator of a student organization supporting victims of sexual assault and dating violence and providing intervention programs.
Jennifer was extremely dedicated to her various roles. She excelled as a clinical therapist. She is well-read and studied and provided specific and valuable interventions for her clients. In addition to her dedication, she is extremely thorough and a trustworthy colleague. As a new therapist, I sought clinical consultation from Jennifer many times. She was a helpful sounding board and always offered well-thought-out clinical advice. I walked away from our consultations with new perspectives to consider as well as concrete ideas of how to move clients forward.

With Ravens Care, she single-handedly created the organization. She recruited students and trained them to be active support-people for their peers. She paired up students who needed extra care with a trained peer support student. She provided a variety of training each year around bystandard intervention and sexual assault response to student group leaders. These training sessions were vital for our student leaders.

During my time working with Jennifer, I was given a front-row seat to watch her excel in all aspects of her demanding position while also providing unprecedented support to her clients. She was always someone you could count on. She was a tremendously valuable asset to our counseling center team and the Student Life department. I’m excited to see her working as a private practice clinician so she can share her skills with a wider group of people.



9401 Indian Creek Pkwy
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Overland Park KS 66210

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