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Counseling For Survivors Of Sexual Assault

Counseling For Survivors Of Sexual Assault

“You are stronger than you think. You have gotten through every bad day in your life, and you are undefeated.”
– Unknown

The statistics for the incidence of sexual harassment, assault and attempted assault are staggering for our country’s young people. I’ve supported many survivors with PTSD symptoms and I am trauma-informed.

In addition to supporting survivors of sexual violence, I’m committed to training college students how to optimally respond when they learn that a peer has been violated. I lead ongoing educational initiatives for primary prevention.

Research indicates that our society still needs to better understand the Fight-Flight-FREEZE responses to threats. My favorite researcher in this field is Dr. Hopper of Harvard Medical School. Our culture is making improvements but we still have so much more we need to accomplish, together.

If you have been affected by harassment or assault, and you think I’d be a good fit as a counselor, please reach out. I’m committed to supporting survivors and I want to share some wonderful free resources available to all:

Free Resources for Survivors and Friends & Family


If you want to explore additional possibilities with wonderful specialists for survivors of sexual assault, I highly recommend a wonderful community program in the Greater Kansas City known as MOCSA (Metropolitan Organization Countering Sexual Assault). They can be reached at (insert web page).

MOCSA provides free counseling services to all survivors of sexual assault and their significant others. Learn more by visiting www.mocsa.org.

MOCSA also provides a 24 hour crisis line at 913-642-0233.


RAINN is a national hotline for survivors of sexual assault, with free, confidential access 24/7 and many wonderful resources.

Help is ALWAYS available: 1-800-656-HOPE; www.rainn.org

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