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Life Threatening Food Allergies and other Disabilities

Life Threatening Food Allergies and other Disabilities

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see shadows.”
– Helen Keller

I have experience supporting young adults, adolescents and children—as well as their parents and other family members– coping with severe or chronic medical conditions or disabilities and the commonly accompanying anxiety and depression.

Supporting clients with severe, life-threatening food allergies is a special focus of my work. I have participated in FARE awareness activities and received continuing education training on the anxieties and traumas that are common experiences for those with life-threatening food allergies.

In addition to understanding the common anxieties arising from such disabilities, I possess a seasoned understanding of the unique anxieties accompanying the exciting, hopeful beginning of an Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) with a board-certified allergist.

As a food allergy mom and parent of a child who has completed two rounds of OIT for life-threatening allergies myself, I get it!

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