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"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."
- Viktor Frankl

My mission is to help you ignite meaningful change and cultivate a deeper level of resilience that will be sustained long after our therapeutic work has dissolved, no matter how challenging the circumstances. I offer a distinct therapeutic approach as a clinician with an Advanced Certificate in Logotherapy as well as a Certificate in EMDR (Eye Movement Rapid Desensitization) through EMDRIA.

I invite clients to a calming sanctuary within our busy, stress-loaded world; a space optimal for authentic sharing about struggles and then strategizing to overcome challenges like anxiety or depression, strained relationships, difficult significant life transitions such as divorce, and navigating through trauma or grief. I provide counseling to adults and adolescents.

In the past 20+ years I have served a wide range of clients. To journey with those who choose to share their unique experiences in our shared sanctuary is a privilege. Clients know that a better tomorrow begins today-but even good change can be intimidating or hard to ignite on your own. Connect today to inquire about availability or to schedule a free 10 minute consultation and meet in person at my office or virtually by phone or telehealth platform.


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Meet Jennifer B Schmidt LCPC, MA

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To be entrusted to journey with clients is a tremendous privilege and responsibility. Through private practice I provide frequent, (usually weekly) therapy and then continue to be available for periodic sessions when clients experience a new or evolving challenge. I have over 20 years of seasoned clinical counseling experience and have helped thousands of clients grow through serious hardships including mental illness. My therapeutic approach honors our full human capacity to grow, to cultivate resilience, and to ultimately have the confidence in our capacity to flourish despite hardships.

I teach clients coping skills to improve emotional regulation; tools to develop a resilient mindset; relaxation and mindfulness techniques. I most frequently utilize cognitive behavioral interventions (CBT) and embrace an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) approach.

I customize my therapeutic approach to every unique client’s specific circumstances, goals and strengths as we journey toward a greater sense of peace, hope and authentic joy.

I am a serious student of Viktor Frankl’s philosophy and psychotherapeutic approach and hold an Advanced Certificate in Logotherapy (also known as existential analysis), in conjunction with the original Viktor Frankl Institute in Vienna, Austria, the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy in Israel; and I continue to engage in consultation and studies at the Diplomat level through this global institute. I am also EMDR Certified through EMDRIA. I am now beginning my training in a similar approach, Brainspotting.

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